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individualized for you

Kevin teaches private lessons to students all over the world. Your lessons are customized for you working toward your own voice needs and demands.  Whether you just want to secure your own technique, learn new exercises and repertoire, or you just want to get some fresh ideas around your singing or teaching, Kevin is the teacher for you!


      60 minute lesson   $130

  45 minute lesson     $100

First lessons are considered a consultation lesson and are 1 hour for $100

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The Teacher’s Teacher Lessons

Do you feel overwhelmed at times keeping up with the current trends and information around vocal pedagogy?

Are you a classically trained voice teacher with Musical Theater students?

Have you neglected your own vocal studies due to a demanding teaching schedule?

Are you feeling like you need new ideas, or language to use in the studio?

Voice Lessons

Do you want to secure your vocal technique?

Are you feeling vocal fatigue from a demanding performance requirements?

Do you need help finding the right repertoire?

Are you feeling stuck as a singer? Noticing changes in your voice?

Upcoming Workshops

3-Day Workshop

October 29th, November 12th, and December 3rd

11am 1pm EST- ONLINE

$200 Includes PDF's of Vocal Exercises for Head, Chest and Mix Voice Development, Registration Chart, Plus Additional Course Materials

9 Hours of Basic Vocology and Musical Theatre Voice Training

Question and Answer Sessions

Live Lesson and Demonstration

Topics Include

Foundations of Voice Building

Basics of Vocology

Cultivating Technique for Musical Theatre Singing

Navigating Vocal Registration and Vocal Unity

Musical Theatre Aesthetics

Teaching the ``Legits``, the ``Belts,`` and Pop/Rock